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GØRL – Acid Island

GØRL – Acid Island

Label: Puppengold Records

Release date: 19.07.2019

Catalog number: PRG009

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Acid Island
Acid Island

Take A Trip to Acid Island

Acid Island is the first single from the album debut by Danish singer/songwriter Mikala Nørgaard under her moniker GØRL: A dark, enchanted summer tune with secret-agent-wise chords and a slight dub feeling. Mikalas catchy voice adds to the overall spooky atmosphere; while the chorus establishes an almost Bowie-like feeling with its uplifting melody.

Acid Island may not be typical for the rest of the album, but for GØRL it’s one of their favs to play live. If you ever happen to be on board of a plane together with Mikala, our vicious flight attendant: Expect your flight to not going your planned itinerary …